Monday, November 19, 2012

Gorgeous Chiang Mai

I can see why many people refer to Chiang Mai as the "Boulder of Thailand." It sits at the base of (well, is really more surrounded by) mountains and the town has that sort of cool, hip kind of feel. Along with the myriad Thai restaurants, street vendors, and overall Thai "feel," there are several yoga studios (although I have yet to take a class), "health food" places, and a variety of different ethnic foods (Indian, italian, german, greek, japanese, etc).

There are many temples ("wats") as well. Yesterday, Burr & I visited the Chedi Luang Wat...

That was after we got pedicures.... :-)


Last evening we went to the Sunday evening market (4:00-midnight) and, after walking around the market for 3 hours (!), we discovered that we'd only seen a couple sections of this MASSIVE market. So many amazing cottage industry wares. (I did a little Christmas shopping :).  I haven't yet downloaded those pics, so will post them later. Stay tuned....

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